SLGS Renovation Frank Wood Building

Ongoing renovations of our beloved alma mater contracted by FEMTURCON, a registered premier Construction Company and a certified member of the Professional Engineers Registration Council. FEMTURCON was founded by its Managing Director Mr. Michael Femi Turner in 1984 and has been in the construction business for over 40 years with hundreds of building structures and renovation projects under their belt in Sierra Leone. They were the builders of our new Thomas Peyton building and have been renovating and maintaining most of our school structures since the late 80s.

The renovations will include an extended staff classroom and administrative rooms on the second floor; furniture that was shipped to the school in 2013 by the SLGSAANA-SE branch (and since held in storage) will be put to good use accordingly here. The building will also house a mini-clinic for sick students and rooms to conduct examinations.

Mr. Alex Turner (SLGS alumnus, class of 1993) is currently the CEO of FEMTURCON following the sudden and tragic passing of his father in May 2017. He has continued in his father’s footsteps utilizing his educational skills (foundations of which started at our beloved alma mater and subsequently furthered in the UK) to showcase his tremendous abilities. He can be followed on Facebook via the link below;

Alumni, let us all in our own little ways continue to put our best feet forward.

Floreat Regentonia!!!

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