History Of SLGSAANA SE Region

The South-East Branch of the Sierra Leone Grammar School Alumni Association of North America (SLGSAANA) was established in Atlanta, Georgia, in August 2007, by charter of its umbrella organization based in Washington DC. The logistics of travelling within the continental USA had been a limiting factor for many interested Regentonians who wished to participate in the alumni association. Thus the South-East branch provides an opportunity for alumni in the region to meet and raise funds for the operations of our beloved alma mater.

SLGSAANA-SE Reminiscences (March 2008)

The idea of establishing a South-East branch had been discussed among several alumni in the Atlanta area for years.  However, it was not until it was announced that the school intended to go private in September of 2007 that the idea began to take hold. The inaugural meeting was held on the 19th of August, 2007 and was attended by Rev. Ademola Michael Macauley, Bishop F. D. Shodekeh-Johnson, and Dr. Austin Asgill (who agreed to serve as the Interim President).

Since its inception, the South-East branch has developed its own constitution in line with that of the national chapter, and has been granted tax-exempt status under section 501(c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code. The branch’s first reminiscences were held in March 2008, and it was very well attended. The organization successfully hosted its first two fund-raising Thanksgiving services and a third was planned for March 28th, 2010. The group also successfully organized its first fund-raising dinner and dance in September, 2009 with hopes to make this an annual event.

In keeping with another of its stated purposes, the branch was able to initially award two scholarships to pupils at the school beginning in September of 2009. Individual members also pledged to offer scholarships through the South-East branch. It was anticipated that more scholarships would be awarded as funds became available and that this branch would continue to work closely with all other chapters to provide financial support of our beloved alma mater.

Other projects planned by the branch included fund raising in support of the construction of the new classroom building, purchase of equipment and supplies for the science laboratories at the school, and the purchase of sporting equipment for students. It was also intended for this group to serve as a structure for providing support for its members (during happy and sad times), other alumni, and their families, in terms of organizing social activities such as family picnics etc.

SLGSAANA-SE Members 2017

Even though the majority of its current members reside in Georgia, the SLGSAANA-SE also boasts members in the neighboring states of Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee and Mississippi. We hope to continue to attract more members from elsewhere in the South Eastern United States. We are especially appealing to younger alumni to join the organization to ensure its longevity, and to allow for its growth and prosperity.

Inaugural SLGSAANA-SE Executive: Dr. Austin B. Asgill (President), Bishop F. Dennis Shodekeh-Johnson (Vice-President), Mr. Edmund Thomas (Secretary), Mr. Donald Kojo Macauley (Assistant Secretary), Mr. Emmanuel Meheux (Social Secretary), Mr. Theodore Lewis (Treasurer), Mr. Benjamin Boyle (Auditor), Rev. William Palmer (Chaplain), Mr. Emile Faux (Web Master), Dr. Joscelyn A. Jarrett (Ex-Officio).